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Stop 5: Finally in Mozambique!

April 9, 2013

We left our camp in on the beach and headed down the beautiful coast road in southern Tanzania.


Along the way we noticed this baobab tree. You can see the ancient technique for climbing Baobab trees, pegs pounded into the trunk to climb up and collect honey.


We crossed into Mozambique it happened to be Mozambique’s Women's Day. Perhaps these women were celebrating victory as they ambushed the Land Rover with AK47's, Rocket Propelled Grenades and heavy machine guns. But it was just a game and the weapons were replicas made of wood! Good fun!


Heavy rains washed out a bridge just south of the Mozambique border. Thanks to the winch, we made it through but the mud on the track beyond was horrendous and we struggled all day to make it 40 kilometers. Fortunately the thick forest gave us plenty of trees to winch from and today we finally made to Pemba on the coast of northern Mozambique.


By Bob Poole


Cameraman's Journal