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Filming Lions

May 23, 2013

By Bob Poole - After spending a fantastic month in Gorongosa, film crew Emre Izat, Marla Hettinger and John Mans leave today for home. They will be back in a few months for more adventure. Meanwhile I will be here. Today I hope to film mating lions! 

Photo: The PBS film crew (Emre Izat, John Mans, and Marla Hettinger) filming Jen Guyton (by Bob Poole)


Photo: Gorongosa playtime (by Bob Poole)


Photo: Bob going for the low angle shot (by Gina Poole)


Photo: Telemetry & Training - Who is doing the real work here tracking lions?  (by Gina Poole)


The Impala population seems to be exploding here in Gorongosa. I was filming this male as he rounded up his harem and chased away challengers. It looked exhausting.

Photo by Bob Poole


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