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First Lion Collared!

April 16, 2013

Exciting news from the field: The Gorongosa Lion Project (Project Leões da Gorongosa) has satellite-collared their first Gorongosa National Park lion.  The mature male that was collared last night took up residence with a local pride last year that are now rearing 5 healthy cubs.  Five additional collars are scheduled to be fitted this year.  The Lion Project will be working to understand the detailed movements of local prides and coalitions in relation to fire and flooding across the unique landscape of Gorongosa and especially how they interact with the boundaries of the Park. The collars will also assist with anti-poaching and de-snaring efforts.


Photo: A closeup of the collared lion. Photo by Paola Bouley.


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Photo: The collared lion stands in the plains. Photo by Chistopher Ward.


The success of this ground breaking first collaring operation was thanks to the collaboration of a team of scientific, conservation, tourism and media staff.   On the ground last night were Rui Branco (Veterinarian), Paola Bouley (Senior Lion Researcher), Lucas Togarepe (Scout), Bob Poole (Camerman & Correspondent), James Byrne (Gorongosa Media Director), Greg Carr, and Randy Cooley.


Photo: The collared lion relaxes with its pride, including Gorongosa’s new cubs. Photo by Paola Bouley


A special thank you to USAID Mozambique, the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund, Dr. Rob Pringle of Princeton University, and Build-An-Ark Foundation!


By Paola Bouley



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