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Best of Luck Tonga!

September 6, 2012

Tonga Torcida has been working as a safari guide and field assistant in Gorongosa National Park since one fateful day when he met Greg Carr near his home on Mount Gorongosa. Greg saw his potential to make a difference in Gorongosa and hired him on the spot. His hard work, ambition, and dedication to conservation of Gorongosa’s ecosystem earned him a chance to pursue his dream studying at the College of African Wildlife Management in Mweka, Tanzania.


Tonga assisting E.O. Wilson with collecting animal specimens in Gorongosa


Tonga left on his journey from Gorongosa to Tanzania this week and we wish him the best of luck! Before he left, we got a chance to ask Tonga a few questions about adventure: 


Q: Why are you excited to go to school in Tanzania?


Tonga: “I am very excited about going to college in Tanzania to learn and bring knowledge back to Mozambique and especially to Gorongosa, as Gorongosa is our national treasure.  We cannot live without nature and that is why I’m so excited.”


Q: What will you miss most about Gorongosa?


Tonga: “Well, home is a home, but since I am going to learn, there is nothing that I will miss except being close to my national treasure (Gorongosa) with its natural beauty and amazing, unforgettable landscape. I will especially miss the Lion House and Murombodzi waterfall.”


Tonga departing Gorongosa on his way to wildlife college in Tanzania


We will continue to follow Tonga’s experiences at school and his return to Gorongosa. Please stay tuned! 

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