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Best of Facebook - Elephant Posturing

October 22, 2012

"This photo is full of information. Notice that the tuskless female in the center (Gorongosa female gf0009) is carrying her head lower than the rest. We noticed that last night and were able to put two and two together. Sometime in the past she lost the tip of her trunk to a snare which means that she must bend down a bit lower than other elephants in order to graze. Over time this has resulted in her carriage being a bit different. I would guess that, just like people with injuries, this places some strains on her body and gives her some aches and pains. But otherwise she is in good health. Snaring is a big issue across Africa and Gorongosa is no exception. Losing the tip of a trunk is better than losing your life.....I will have the opportunity to speak to an ex-poacher today and will ask him about his experiences with elephants." - Joyce Poole

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