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A Year to Remember

  • Mozambican herpetologist Harith Farooq holding a monitor lizard recorded during the survey.
  • Mozambican girdled lizard, a rare species found in Gorongosa
  • Rain locust (Lobosceliana cinerascens) from Cheringoma
  • Bats flying out of a cave on Cheringoma Plateau
  • Thick-tailed Bushbaby, a common but rarely seen primate from Gorongosa, recorded during the Cheringoma survey
  • Dung beetles, an important element of the Gorongosa ecosystem, were surveyed in detail during the Cheringoma expedition
  • A sample of snake species recorded by the herpetological team during the Cheringoma biodiversity survey
  • Veterinarians collecting blood and saliva samples to check for potential presence of diseases in the Gorongosa buffalo population
  • The first lion was radio-collared in Gorongosa by the Gorongosa Lion Project team, led by Paola Bouley
  • Renowned elephant expert, Joyce Poole, studies the behavior of Gorongosa's elephants

2013 was quite a year for science in Gorongosa! Here is a retrospective of some of our favorite moments and discoveries from the past year.