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Park Rules

We want all of our visitors to have a fun and safe time on their Mozambique safari in Gorongosa. To ensure that everyone has a good time and that our wildlife and landscapes are protected, please follow these simple “Do’s and Don’ts”. Some of these rules are in place to show respect and courtesy toward other guests, while others are very strict rules that we enforce to ensure your safety and the safety of others.




Be Courteous Around Sightings - All of our guests are excited to see wildlife, so please be mindful of other guests. If another vehicle approaches your wildlife sighting, please move along and allow the other visitor to approach after a reasonable amount of time for your viewing. If you approach another vehicle with a sighting in progress, please approach slowly and give ample space until the other vehicle has moved along.


Stay in Your Vehicle – Wild animals can be dangerous and you are putting yourself at risk if you leave your vehicle. Keep your doors closed and keep your entire body inside your vehicle. Take special care around Gorongosa’s elephants by keeping a distance of at least 100 meters. 


Drive Safely – Even inside the Park, you must follow general rules of the road. If you’re caught driving without your license, under the influence of alcohol, driving in a reckless manner, or deliberately disregarding the safety of a person, animal, or property, you may be fined or expelled from the Park.


Drive the Speed Limit – The speed limit in the entire Park is 40 KMPH. Driving the speed limit is not only for your safety but also for the safety of other visitors, and the Park’s wildlife. Anyone driving over the speed limit may be fined.


Drive in Designated Areas – You’re only allowed to drive your vehicle on marked roads within the Park. Off-road driving and driving on roads that are marked as closed are prohibited. We often close roads after heavy rains because they are unsafe or impassible.


Adhere to Gate Times – All Park gates open at 6am and close at 6pm. For your safety, you must return from any excursion or game drive before the gates close at 6pm. Take care to plan your travel to Gorongosa to ensure that you arrive at the main Park gate before 6pm.


Ask about Age Restrictions – For safety reasons, some activities have age restrictions. Please ask about age restrictions before booking activities for your children to prevent disappointment.


Bring ID with You – All adults should bring some form of identification on their trip in case they are asked to identify themselves to Park officials.


Declare Firearms at the Gate – Any firearm, dangerous weapon, explosive, trap, or poison must be declared at the gate. The Park reserves the right to search any vehicle suspected of hunting activities.





Litter – Littering is strictly prohibited and you will be fined if you discard any litter in the Park except in designated trash receptacles.


Disturb Other Guests – Don’t behave in an offensive or disorderly manner toward other guests. Also, we ask that you don’t play a radio, other music systems, or musical instruments in a manner that will disturb other guests. The Park has a strict rule of quiet in camp after 2100h.


Cause a Fire Hazard – You are only allowed to start fires in designated fire pits. You will be fined for setting a fire outside of designated areas as you may cause a wildfire.


Throw cigarettes on the ground – Please make sure to throw cigarette butts in trash receptacles. Throwing cigarette butts out your vehicle window in the Park may result in a wildfire. 


Drink Alcohol in Public Areas – The consumption of alcohol is only allowed in the Park’s restaurant, campsite, and inside your room.


✗ Allow Overnight Visitors - Guests are only allowed to stay in the rooms that they booked. If you would like to add an additional guest to your reservation, please tell our staff at reception.


Bring Bikes, Roller Skates, or Skateboards – Roller skates, skateboards, bicycles and motorbikes are not allowed unless prior arrangement has been made.


Feed or Disturb Wildlife – Intentionally feeding or disturbing wildlife is a serious offence. Feeding wildlife may cause them to become used to approaching people, make them dependent, and even aggressive toward people. By feeding wildlife, you are doing them more harm than good.


Bring Your Pet –No pets may be brought into the Park because they may carry diseases or parasites that can be harmful to the Park’s wildlife. If you bring your pet inside the Park, you may be fined and your pet may be destroyed. We can make an exception for guide dogs for visually impaired guests who have gotten permission from Park management if the owner can provide documentation of the necessary vaccinations and permits.


Take Plants or Animals – You’re not allowed to remove any plant, animal, natural, or cultural item from the Park without permission. You’re not allowed to cut, damage, destroy, or be in possession of any plant, including firewood. Legal firewood is sold in Park’s main camp. 


Bring Plants or Animals to the Park – You’re not allowed to bring any alien or invasive species inside the Park.


Obstruct Park Officials – Park officials are doing their job by keeping you safe. Hindering, intimidating, or obstructing Park officials from doing their job may result in a fine. Refusal to comply with any request or instruction by Park officials for violating Park rules will result in prosecution.


Kill or Injure Animals – Killing or injuring animals is strictly prohibited and will result in imprisonment and prosecution.