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Health & Safety

Before You Go

Before travelling to Mozambique, you should visit your doctor to get the recommended vaccinations and medications for this region. All travellers entering Mozambique who have been to a yellow fever zone must show a record of vaccination against yellow fever. All travellers are required to have their vaccination records when they cross the border. Mozambique is a malaria area, so it’s highly recommended that you take a malaria preventative as prescribed by your doctor. Many doctors will also prescribe general antibiotics that you can have on hand in case of a stomach bug.


We highly recommend that all foreign travellers purchase travel insurance to provide you with coverage in a medical emergency while travelling and to protect you in the event that your trip gets unexpectedly cancelled.


While You’re Here

Gorongosa National Park has a health clinic that will provide you with basic first aid and anti-malarial treatments. For more serious emergencies, we will provide transportation to the nearest hospital for treatment.


We do our best to protect our visitors from malaria carrying mosquitoes by providing mosquito nets in many of the rooms. You should also take precautions by taking anti-malarial medication, use insect repellent, and wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks in the evenings.


We sell bottled water in our restaurant and we recommend that guests not drink tap water.


If your car breaks down, or you get stuck while on safari, do not leave your vehicle. The safest thing for you to do is to stay inside your vehicle and wait for help. Our staff is here to protect you and we keep track of all visitors as they enter and exit the game drive network. If a visitor is gone for too long, we will search the game roads until we find you. It is critical that you stay on the game drive network – if you drive off road and get stuck it will be difficult to find you.


To make sure that your stay is safe and enjoyable, please follow all of the Park rules. They’re in place to keep you safe!