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From Maputo

The two options for taking a coach bus from Maputo are:


Intercape Coach



TCO Coach

Phone (Maputo): +258 21 300634

Phone (Beira): +258 23 354822 / +258 82 3048163

Email: tcobeira (at)


  1. From Inchope, you can take a local bus (“chapa”) toward Vila Gorongosa and ask the driver to let you off at the turnoff to the park.  You will need to contact us in advance to arrange for the park shuttle to pick you up at the turnoff into the park.
  2. For an additional cost, you can arrange for the park shuttle will pick you up in Inchope when your bus arrives. You will have to contact us in advance to arrange this transfer. From there, it is a 1.5 hour drive from Inchope to Chitengo camp inside Gorongosa National Park.
  3. If the bus arrives in Inchope later than 4:30pm, you will need to overnight in Inchope because the park entrance gate closes at 6pm. One of the few options to overnight near Inchope is Complexo Arco-Íris, located 7 km north of Inchope on the EN1 (Phone: +258 82 5565200 / +258 84 2354070).
  4. When you arrive in the park, make your way to the reception desk at Girassol Gorongosa Lodge and Safari where you will pay your park entrance fees and get information on the park.