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Datesort ascending Title Author Subject Region Language
2019 Gorongosa by the sea Jörg M. Habermann⁠⁠, +19 Paleontology Mozambique English
2018 Integrative taxonomy resolves three new cryptic species of small southern African horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus) Peter J Taylor Angus Macdonald Steven M Goodman Teresa KearneyFenton P D Cotterill Sam Stoffberg Ara Monadjem M Corrie Schoeman Jennifer Guyton Piotr Naskrecki Leigh R Richards Biodiversity Mozambique English
2018 A new endemic Impatiens species on Mount Gorongosa demonstrates the conservation importance of montane areas in Africa Steven B. Janssens, Petra Ballings, Arne Mertens, Steven Dessein Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2018 New insights from Gorongosa National Park and Niassa National Reserve of Mozambique increasing the genetic diversity ... Carla MF Rodrigues†, Herakles A Garcia†, Adriana C Rodrigues†, srl Biodiversity Mozambique English
2018 Remarkable richness of trypanosomes in tsetse flies Garcia HA, Rodrigues CMF, Rodrigues AC, Pereira DL, Pereira CL, Camargo EP, Hamilton PB, Teixeira MMG. Biodiversity Mozambique English
2018 The Elephants of Gorongosa: an Integrated Approach to Conservation and Conflict Mitigation in the Shadow of the War Paola Stramandinoli Branco Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2018 Diet and gut microbiome of African viverrids Malou Fabricius Rægaard Storm, Emilia Marie Rolander Langkjær Ecology English
2018 Gorongosa Aerial Wildlife Count 2018 Dr Marc Stalmans , Dr Mike Peel & Dominique Gonçalves Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2018 Post-war recovery of the African lion in response to large-scale ecosystem restoration Paola Bouley, Michael Poulos, Rui Branco, Neil H. Carter Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2017 A new Pedaria Laporte de Castelnau, 1832, from Gorongosa National Park François Génier Biodiversity English
2017 Description of a new flat gecko William R. Branch, Jennifer A. Guyton, Andreas Schmitz, Michael F. Bare, Piotr Naskrecki, Harith Farooq, Luke Verburg t& Mark Oliver Rodel Biodiversity Mozambique
2017 Upgrading protected areas to conserve wild biodiversity - Nature Robert M. Pringle Biodiversity English
2017 Using repeat photography to observe vegetation change over time Hannah V Herrero, Jane Southworth, Erin Bunting, Brian Child Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 An Excursion to Collect Tropical Fungi in Gorongosa National Park Jason Karakehian Mycology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Potamonautes gorongosa, a new species of potamonautid freshwater crab Neil Cumberlidge, Piotr Naskrecki, and Savel R. Daniels Biodiversity Mozambique English
2016 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities from tropical Africareveal strong ecological structure Susana Rodrıguez-Echeverrıa, Helena Teixeira, Marta Correia, Sergio Timoteo1, Ruben Heleno, Maarja Opik and Mari Moora Mycology Mozambique
2016 Macrobiotus naskreckii sp. nov., a New Tardigrade Marek Bąkowski, Milena Roszkowska, Magdalena Gawlak, Łukasz Kaczmarek Taxonomy Mozambique English
2016 Combined electrical resistivity tomography and magnetic resonance sounding investigation of the surface-water/groundwater interaction in the Urema Graben, Mozambique F. J. Chirindja & T. Dahlin & N. Perttu & F. Steinbruch & R. Owen Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Identification of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria from three African leguminous trees in Gorongosa National Park Helena Teixeira,Susana Rodríguez-Echeverría Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2016 Refaunation and the reinstatement of the seed‐dispersal function Marta Correia, Sérgio Timóteo, Susana Rodríguez‐Echeverría, Alban Mazars‐Simon, Ruben Heleno Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 The refaunation and the re-instatement of the seed-dispersal function in Gorongosa National Park Massad Tara Joy & Castigo Tongai. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2016 Late Quaternary vegetation development and disturbance dynamics from a peatland on Mount Gorongosa, central Mozambique David B.McWethy, Frank H.Neumann, FranziskaSteinbruch, Casey M.Ryan, Verushka Valsecchi Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Aerial Survey 2016 Dr. Marc Stalmans and Dr. Mike Peel Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2015 Ecological legacies of civil war: 35-year increase in savanna tree cover following wholesale large-mammal declines Daskin J.H., Stalmans M. & Pringle R.M. Ecology Mozambique
2015 African bats: Conservation in the time of Ebola Jennifer A. Guyton and Cara E. Brook Mozambique