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Herculano Ernesto

Herculano Ernesto

Community Education Manager


I was born in Beira, Mozambique, where I went to primary and secondary school. In Maputo, I enrolled at the Boane Agrarian Institute in 1990 where I took a high school course in agriculture and livestock. Recently, I completed my degree at the University of Pedagogy in Beira to teach Biology. 


I’ve known of Gorongosa since my teens when my father worked for Safrique, a travel and tourism company, which among other destinations brought tourists to Gorongosa Park. My father told me stories about the Park but at that time I’d never had chance to see this magnificent place.


Once I finished high school, I was fortunate to work in educational programs and receive training in agriculture and the environment. Then in 2007 the WWF brought together a team in Sofala where I served as an Environmental Education official, which, among other activities included directing Conservation Education activities in the areas surrounding Gorongosa National Park.


For the Gorongosa Restoration Project I have been assigned to work at the Community Education Center, as the manager of Community Education. Through the implementation of various programs and educational activities, my role in the project is to contribute to the sustainable development of communities surrounding Gorongosa National Park and bring attention to the conservation of the rich biodiversity that exists in Gorongosa.


As a person, I love Gorongosa because it is a place where you can witness the real interactions between people and nature and see how both can benefit. It makes me proud to be a part of the wonderful team that is passionate about the conservation of this important place of rich biodiversity.