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Fernando Andicene Zaca

Fernando Andicene Zaca

Park Ranger


I was born in Inhaminga, in the Cheringoma District on December 4th, 1968. I grew up in Beira where I entered the Mateus Sansão Mutemba high school in the 6th grade.


Before joining the Gorongosa National Park team, I worked at the warehouses for the Delegation for the Prevention and Combat of Natural Disasters (DPCCN) from 1987 until 1992 in Casa Banana, Nhamatanda, Gorongosa, and Dondo.  At the same time, I trained to become a communications radio operator in 1988 and held that position until 1990.


I began working for Gorongosa National Park in 1996 as part of the team opening the Urema road. In November of that year, I became part of the Park’s Law Enforcement Department, which I continue to do up until this day. In 2000, I completed a ranger training course in Gorongosa. I also worked at ranger stations in Goinha and Mazamba in 2002, in addition to the Mobile Brigades in the area north of the Park.


I like working in the Park and I’m happy to be here. Currently, I live in the village of Vinho in the Bebedo District of Nhamatanda with my wife Teresa and my four children Agnes, Diolinda, Andicene, and Albertina.