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Celina Dias

Celina Dias

Gorongosa Lion Project Intern


I grew up in Gorongosa, Mozambique and I finished grade 12 in 2012. My dream was to continue studying in university and get a good job but I come from a poor family, so I couldn’t realize my dream. Through my participation in my high school theater group, I became involved with Gorongosa’s Community Education Center (CEC). I participated in theater programs teaching people in the buffer zone of Gorongosa National Park about conservation. I then had the opportunity to work with the Gorongosa Lion Project monitoring lions. I also returned to the CEC to help the children make a herbarium.


In March 2014, I embarked on a 2-week intensive scientific training course where we learned to monitor elephant seals and other species near San Francisco, California, USA. This whole experience has given me passion and emotion for the preservation and conservation of our Gorongosa National Park . The Gorongosa Lion Project is providing me with this opportunity to fulfill my dream. Someday, I would like to be a veterinarian to care for the animals of Gorongosa National Park.


Celina studying elephant seals in California