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National Geographic

Africa's Lost Eden - Trailer

National Geographic, 2009

It was said to be "the place where Noah left his Ark." Lush floodplains in central Mozambique packed with wild animals and more than 500 species of birds. The legendary Gorongosa National Park was filmed by National Geographic to produce an amazing documentary "Africa's Lost Eden" to tell the story of the extraordinary efforts of conservationists fighting to protect the park and replenish the animal populations.


Healing Africa's Elephants - Trailer

National Geographic, 2012

In Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park, elephants are frightened and hostile towards humans. In a new National Geographic Television film, the world foremost elephant researcher Dr. Joyce Poole and her brother, cameraman Bob Poole, work to gain their trust.


Making of Africa's Lost Eden

National Geographic, 2009

Making of “Africa's Lost Eden” shows behind the scenes footage of the National Geographic documentary about the conservation of Gorongosa National Park