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Human Development

  • Local child in the community education center in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa
  • Local children near Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa
  • Local child in the community education center in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Africa

One of our core beliefs at Gorongosa National Park is that the health and security of the Gorongosa ecosystem is directly linked to the health and security of the people living around the Park. 


Therefore, our conservation work isn't just inside the Park, working with majestic animals and beautiful landscapes. Some of our most important conservation work is done outside the Park, in communities and villages, in schools and health clinics.


Although Mozambique's economy is growing at an extraordinary rate, it's still a very poor country. The people living around Gorongosa face huge challenges: lack of food security, limited access to health services and education, and poverty-related social problems. 


To secure a great future for Gorongosa National Park, we must improve the lives of its people. Our goal is healthy families with improved food security, alternative, sustainable livelihoods and reduced population pressure around Gorongosa. 


To achieve this goal we work in three core areas:


Health Services  - Disease prevention, including HIV/AIDS and malaria; providing reproductive health services, including family planning; improving child nutrition; family planning; and prevention of gender-based violence Learn more



Conservation Education - Teaching the principles and values of environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture; building schools Learn more




Economic Development  - Providing employment in the Park; teaching alternative sources of income; empowering women and supporting the education of girls Learn more



Healthy families mean a healthy ecosystem but it's a feedback loop that goes the other way too. Gorongosa provides clean air and water for hundreds of thousands of its people.  And the success of the Park means more tourism, which means more jobs and more shared Park revenue for community programs. 


Our vision is that Gorongosa National Park will become the principal engine of sustainable development in this region. And you can help achieve this vision by coming to visit us and seeing our work with your very own eyes!