Trip to Vinho Community

Trips to Vinho depend upon the river conditions, which is currently too high to cross safely. We will update weekly - May 24th 2017

Join one of our local guides on an easy two-kilometer walk from camp, to the welcoming village of Vinho, to taste life in rural Africa. A boatman will take you across the Pungue River to greet our neighbours - clusters of smiling children, farmers and employees on their way to and from work in the park. Stroll through fields of maize and cassava and learn about the importance of agriculture to the region. Bird enthusiasts should keep an eye out for Red Bishops who are regularly spotted in the area.


The Gorongosa Restoration Project is working hard to improve the lives of the citizens of Vinho and you’ll be able to see your tourism revenue in action at the health clinic and primary school. Meet local women who invite you into their daily lives to share in their stories and songs. A visit to the growing village market, to try seasonal produce, view handmade crafts, and experience their daily lives on their family compounds and ‘machambas’, provides the perfect end to a truly authentic experience.


Tours depart daily at 7am, 10am and 2pm and run for 2-3 hours. Every booking includes a donation to a community fund, fresh water and umbrella hire. In respect of local customs, female guests will be offered a capulana (traditional skirt) to wear during the tour. 


Rate: 400 MT ($14 USD) per person


Game Drives

 Join us on a Safari to explore Gorongosa National Park

Our qualified safari guides will take you on an open game drive vehicle through a diversity of habitat, wildlife and outstanding birdlife. You will have the opportunity to look over spectacular flood plains and explore mystical fever tree and palm forests whilst searching for the resident wildlife.  A remarkable diversity of antelope, numerous primates and great birdlife are always encountered. With a bit of luck you could find lions, large elephant herds, buffalo, hippopotamus and some really enormous crocodiles.


Morning Safari / $35 per person / Mt 980 per person for Mozambican citizen

Experience the park at first light

Date Time
April   06h00 – 09h00 
May/June/July  06h30 – 09h30
August/September  06h00 – 09h00
October/ November/ December 05h30 – 08h30

Midday Safari / $35 per person / Mt 980 per person for Mozambican citizen

Especially for our day visitors 

Date Time
April - December                      10h30 - 13h 30


Afternoon Safari / $40 / Mt 980 per person for Mozambican citizen

Experience sunset over the park and spot lighting for nocturnal animals on the way back to the lodge

Date Time
April 15h30 – 19h00 
May/June/July 15h00 – 18h30
August/September 15h30 – 19h00
October/November/December 16h00 – 19h30

Please Note:

 - Max 10 people per vehicle

- No children under 10 years


Children under 10 years are not permitted on open game drive vehicles. These are the rules of the National Park and no exceptions can be made.


Kid’s safari in a closed vehicle / $ 35 per person / Mt 980 per person for Mozambican citizen

Closed vehicle requests cannot be confirmed in advance and are subject to availability at Chitengo. 


Price includes:

- Qualified Guide

- Water (all drives), soft drink or beer (afternoon safari only) 


Please note:

- Closed vehicles subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed

- Children in closed vehicles need to be accompanied by at least one parent